Introducing... The Beaumaris Escape


What’s better than an accomodation shoot in the beautiful Great Southern Region? Yes, a three in one accomodation & wedding venue shoot!

First and foremost, Torbay! Where? Exactly! 

Hence why what should have been a four hour trip actually took us nearer to five hours as we also had no idea about this little hidden spot.

Google told us it was by Denmark, so Denmark we went. Only to discover it’s actually closer to Albany and about half an hour from Denmark town…oops. But, if a slight directional error results in us HAVING to call into our favourite brewery; Boston Brewery (@bostonbrewingco Check them out) then can we really complain?

When you arrive at the accomodation address, you follow a long dirt track through a forest of tall Karri gum trees creating a driveway to dream of, it actually used to be the Albany to Denmark train line many years ago (what a scenic train ride that would have been).

With Cascading light through the woods - I didn’t have to be asked twice to jump on our ute’s bull-bar to get some footage.

Beaumaris Escape is made up of three truly stunning character dwellings across 40 picturesque acres. The Real Triple Whammy! They are Wren Cottage, Eagles Nest & The Main House.

The Ginger Team set about capturing the “Full Picture” that is Beaumaris Escape.

As usual, we established what the main selling features of the property were; this had to be the views across the surrounding rolling hills, the venue’s wedding ceremony lawns and the fact that overall, the estate could accomodate up to 21 guests a monster selling requisite for large functions.

The gardens and setting were the easy part, (Other than the typical South West weather playing games on us with four seasons in a day *eye roll*) with panoramic views, perfectly maintained lawns and even a stunning old railway station building to add history and character.

However, with thirteen beds in total, it meant we really needed to be smart with this one. How could we keep the rooms interesting as many of the beds were exactly the same. To do so, we incorporated a mixture of different angles, close ups, portrait and landscape shots to try and ensure each photo displayed what each room brought to the property whilst still getting a logical grip on the room set up.

Overall this property has so much, it’s proximity to two of the best towns in WA; Albany and Denmark. The luxurious bedrooms, warm and spacious kitchens, cosy wooden alpine interiors and lots of things to do for the kids, a pleasure to work at.

James Wagner