Welcome to... Rushy Creek Farm


Rushy Creek Farm is a stunning large accomodation in WA’s South West, just 15 minutes out of Augusta. They have been in the process of some renovations and additions to the property and requested a complete overhaul of their existing listing images.

One of the first things we like to establish with a shoot like this is the key selling features of the property. What is going to make this listing stand out? Every accomodation should have at least one or two strong selling features to be successful, be it location, a view, a particular room, bath or pool! We quickly discovered that for Rushy Creek Farm these were the awesome outdoor area, with it’s gorgeous stone log fire, spacious seating area and stunning views of the surrounding countryside, forests and dam and the incredible straight-out-of-a-magazine outdoor bath area.

Whilst these images are what we know will grab the attention of the busy browser looking to book a weekend away, it’s also important to combine those with a bit of practicality too. From personal experiences, I hate nothing more than looking through accomodation photos that don’t make it clear what is included in the property? what’s the setting? and how are the bedrooms configured? (as we learnt the hard way after a once spending a weekend in bunkbeds). So what we took from that is that there is always room for some practicality! Yes, we like to fill in the gaps with some stunning close ups or a quick snap shot of the local beach at sunset, but first and forth-most, people want to be able to get a good visual understanding and therefore gauge if the property is suitable for their trip. 

Where we can, we aim to capture all the important rooms. Don’t waste a valuable advertising slot on uploading a photo of the utility (unless it really is the selling feature, obviously). 

Finally, whilst they might not be the make-or-break, sometimes a little bit of detail goes a long way. Let’s be honest, it’s just nice to look at and helps get future guests imagining themselves reading a book, playing a game or relaxing with a nice glass of red!

James Wagner